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Hey there! Thanks for checking our updated Whitepaper out. This version is still under construction. Previous one was TLDR, hence I am slowly migrating and updating the Whitepaper in GitBook. While this is a new revision, the basic terms I've made for the CryptoHealth Policy have not changed much since I started the project in July 2022. Changes are as follows:

  1. TVL limit now increases as length of HODL increases. Initial one was set to limit to 1% of TVL regardless of HODL period. Current scheme increases the percent TVL by 0.25% every 6 months starting 18 months of HODL, and maxes out at 3% of TVL by the 60th month of HODL.

  2. BUSD Treasury and Rewards System has been scrapped. Initial plan was to provide BUSD to all diamond hands, but the said system will take away important funds for development, and volume ain't really enough to provide Rewards atm. A separate multi-chain reward system will be introduced, called the Diamond Hand Airdrop, once CHT starts multi-chain operations.

  3. Idea for Multi-Chain has been advanced forwards. However, instead of being a bridged CHT, we will be maintaining CHT as a token deployed and operating Treasuries in various EVM chains - united by a single policy. Read more in the appropriate section.

  4. Holding LP for insurance will be rewarded more. There was no option for LP holding on the previous plans, but after projections, it became clear that individuals HODLing LP for insurance instead of LP tokens will benefit long-term development more.

    I have always reminded people that holding less than 10,000 CHT units will incur a 50% penalty in the initial claims computation. The full benefits are open only to holders who HODL a minimum of 10,000 CHT. That does not apply to LP holders though, and LP holders will be given a 1.5X boost on top of the initial computed amount. Read more in the appropriate section.

  5. Seed NFTs launched in Altura will eventually be replaced by another NFT collection called Healthies, which will be deployed in another market place. Previous Seed NFTs will be airdropped once the redesign has been made. Medical NFTs have been renamed to identify various groups that will receive extra funds when claiming for insurance, once status and/or diagnosis has been verified.

  6. Founder NFT system for funding support has been replaced with the SuperHealthies System. Read more in the appropriate section.

CryptoHealth is a work in progress, since I do have a full-time job as a public health physician, and most of what you see (i.e. the contract, socials, website and whitepaper) is work that I've built in the past 2 years during my free time. Regardless, CryptoHealth is a long-term project of mine, and I am committed to build my vision for single pay, affordable and accessible health insurance thru the years.

Feel free to join the Telegram Group at https://t.me/cryptohealth_official to know more abou,t the project. DYOR and NFA, but if you decide to build with us, then trust the process. We started at 250 USD and we're never ever going back.

DR_MIST | CryptoHealth Dev

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