Google Sheet Calculator

Our online Google Sheet Calculator was made to give a rough idea on how claims will be computed based on the blockchain transactions for CHT of a specific wallet address.

The Calculator can be accessed thru the following link:

Values of cells highlighted in green can be edited. Other cells are locked for editing.

The Calculator has 2 sheets:

  1. Calculator Sheet

    Gives a calculation based on the values placed in the 1st and second sheets. The sheet shows how the Initial Reimbursement Amount gets computed (i.e. by using the lowest value among the 4 limits) and how the Bonuses get added on top of the Initial Reimbursement Amount, to come up with the Final Reimbursement Amount (i.e. the claim). Refer to this LINK for a better understanding of the 4 limits that determine the value for the Initial Reimbursement Amount.

    The sheet also shows a mock Treasury, where sample values can be placed to give an estimated TVL for the Treasury, and shows how Treasury TVL affects how much one can claim. All CryptoHealth Treasuries (regardless of blockchain) will contain the native token of the chain, CHT, LP tokens, stable coin, and other altcoins (either bought by the Treasury or Dev Wallet from trading fees, or placed by other projects as part of a partnership deal).

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