Limit 1: Token Value Based on Multipliers

The 1st limit pegs an address' CryptoHealth holdings to a value that depends on how its held tokens without selling nor transferring, or had LP tokens paired without unpairing. It is computed using the following formula:

Limit 1 = USD Value of Holdings X Multiplier

Multipliers for each HODL period is as follows:

HODL PeriodMultiplier

1.5 months**


3 months


6 months


12 months


18 months


24 months


36 months


48 months**


60 months**


Multipliers for 48 and 60 months only apply to CHT deployed in the BNB Chain and require HODLing the necessary BEP-20 Support Token in the same address, for a minimum of 3 years.

However, perpetually HODL at least 1 governance token for a minimum of 1 year (to be released in ETH) in the same address for the following perks:

  1. Decrease Support Token HODL requirements from 3 Years to 1 Year from date of discharge

  2. Allow access to higher multipliers for claims filed to Treasuries outside the BNB Chain

  3. Allow earlier claims of as fast as 1.5 months of HODLing

The Multiplier System was made to protect holders HODLing for insurance for the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. By giving multipliers, long term holders of CHT and the necessary [Support Token] can claim for an amount that can offset acquired losses, or place them in profit once they file for a claim - assuming that the other Limits allow for such claims.

Sample Limit Computation:

Holder buys CHT worth 50 USD at a 30,000 USD market cap. Assuming a medically insuranble event occurs after 3 years of HODL, during claims computation:

a. If market cap stays the same at 30,000 USD, Limit 1 will be 400 USD

b. If market cap increased to 150,000 USD, Limit 1 will be 2,000 USD

c. If market cap decreased to 15,000 USD, Limit 1 will be 200 USD

d. Allow increased limits for the Hospital Bill Requirement

Assuming a medically insurable event occurs after 5 years of HODL, during claims computation:

a. At a 6,000 USD market cap, holder without [Support Token] gets a Limit 1 of 80 USD

b. At a 6,000 USD market cap, holder with [Support Token] gets a Limit 1 of 180 USD

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