Trading Fees

The CryptoHealth token has been designed with a tax structure that enables sustainable growth and development of the project. The project launched with buy and sell taxes at 10%, and transfer taxes at 20%, but these have been halved starting January 2023. The current tax structure is as follows:

Buy Taxes 5%: Treasury 3%, Development 2%

Sell Taxes 5%: Treasury 2%, Development 2%, Native Reflections 1%

Transfer Taxes 10%: Treasury 10%

In addition to supporting project growth, the sell taxes also contribute to a deflationary supply, since the dead wallet receives part of the sell taxes, thru native reflections. There is no minimum hold needed to receive native reflections.

Taxes are sent to the Treasury and Development wallets as $CHT tokens, in order to minimize gas fee use by the contract. This enables buying and selling tokens with a minimal gas fee, as compared to other smart contracts. No auto liquidity function was placed, but LP tokens will be manually generated from proceeds to the Development wallet.

Refer to Project Wallet Section for more information on how received tokens will be handled.

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