🪙The CryptoHealth Token

Enter CryptoHealth ($CHT), a cryptocurrency token initially deployed on the BNB Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain) network that primarilty aims to provide the first and only single payment, affordable, and perpetual coverage medical insurance policy through blockchain technology. It aims to build up on the concept of HODLing (i.e. Holding on for dear life, or not selling one's cryptocurrency), and use it as basis for insurance coverage that is not limited by geography, age, previous medical conditions, or recurrent and expensive monthly or annual payments whose coverage expires the moment you stop paying for it.

The whole project has an expansive and long term roadmap that aims to provide additional real world health-related utilities and benefits for long term HODLers, as we slowly build investor confidence thru transparency, professionalism, and by instilling a shared vision and mission with the CryptoHealth community.

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