Benefits Computation

Computation of claimable amounts involve two steps:

  1. Determine the Initial Reimbursement Amount based on predefined limits set by the CryptoHealth Project.

  2. Determine the Final Reimbursement Amount by adding bonus claims on top of the computed Initial Reimbursement Amount.

All CrytoHealth Treasuries, regardless of blockchain, will compute holder claims based on the same process. The computation process will be shown to holders filing for claims during a scheduled Google Meet Video Call. Screenshots of calculated amounts will be made available to the community and will be posted on a specific topic on the Telegram Group dedicated for Claims Computation.

The benefit computation process was drafted with the following goals in mind:

  1. Protect a holder from cryptocurrency volatility

  2. Ensure sustainability of the CryptoHealth Treasury

  3. Ensure that long term holders receive the most benefits from the CryptoHealth Treasury

  4. Ensure that ownership of more products from our Portfolio get rewarded more during claims

  5. Make holding LP tokens the preferred way of holding CHT for insurance coverage

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