Team Functions

The CryptoHealth Team serves as a responsible intermediary, ensuring that only CHT token holders who HODL the token (i.e. no sells or transfers to another address) for at least three months, and are admitted to a hospital for at least 48 hours, receive rewards from the Treasury Reimbursement Pool. This gatekeeping mechanism is put in place to maintain the integrity of the reward system and ensure that it is used for its intended purpose.

The CryptoHealth Team will grow as the project's valuation grows. In the future, we will be hiring more healthcare professionals to serve the following roles:

  1. Verifiers, who will be trained to evaluate and verify the legitimacy of all incoming claims

  2. Providers, who will offer free and high-quality medical services, both thru face-to-face and teleconsultation, to all holders of the CHT token holders and the relevant support token that will enable them access to the utility

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