Eligibility and Coverage

1. A Qualified CHT Holder who can claim funds from the CryptoHealth Treasury is defined as the following:

  • Ownership of CHT or CHT Liquidity Pair (LP) tokens without sells, transfers or unpairing of liquidity for a minimum length of 3 months by the date of hospital admission, and up to 2 weeks from date of discharge. All holders are given 2 weeks from the date of hospital discharge to file for a reimbursement claim from the Treasury.

2. A claimable event is a unique and appropriately documented medical event involving a qualified CHT holder, whose cost is partially reimbursed by the CryptoHealth Treasury

  • The claimable event will initially be limited to a medical admission at a duly-licensed public or private hospital, which lasts for at least 48 hours

  • A claimable event can only be reimbursed once. Multiple claims for the same event, and other fallacious and misleading claims, leads to perpetual denial of coverage for a cryptocurrency wallet address holding CHT or CHT LP tokens

Important Note:

  • Additional claimable events will be opened to all holders of CHT [BEP-20] once additional [Support Tokens] are deployed by the CryptoHealth Team in the BNB Chain Network.

  • Holders of the CHT token deployed in other EVM Chains (except Ethereum) will be allowed to claim for other events by hoding BEP-20 [Support Tokens] provided that they have perpetual ownership of the CHT token deployed in the Ethereum Network.

3. The minimum length of HODL is the minimum number of months, that an individual has to own CHT tokens without transfers and sells, or CHT LP tokens, without unpairing liquidity, before being considered as a qualified CHT holder

  • The minimum length of HODL will be 3 months from the date of purchase, as documented by the blockchain explorer. UTC 00:00 will be the reference time zone. For example, a holder who purchased tokens on March 5, 2024 1:30PM UTC can file for a claim

  • The minimum length of HODL restarts to 0 following a sell or transfer of CHT or CHT LP tokens, unpairing of CHT LP tokens, and upon transfer of funds by the CryptoHealth Treasury following filing of a successful claim.

  • CHT and CHT LP tokens share the same minimum length of HODL.

4. Holding less than 10,000 CHT tokens (unless held as CHT LP tokens), claiming for another identity that does not match the identity of the first claimant will receive a 50% penalty during the computation of the Initial Claimable Amount

5. Price to be used for computation of claims will be taken from the DexTools chart of the CHT token. The 1-day average price during the date of the hospital admission will be used (i.e. average of the highest and lowest price) to compute for a claim. Qualified holders are required to file for a claim within 2 weeks from the date of their hospital discharge.

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