Vision Statement

To develop into a legal company that pushes to further cryptocurrency adoption in the general population by introducing relevant utilities that limits financial risks, uplifts individual and community health, and fosters charity

Overall, the vision statement for CryptoHealth Project (i.e. not just the CryptoHealth, as the CHT token) highlights our commitment to promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency while simultaneously improving individual and community health and supporting charitable causes.

The CryptoHealth Vision culminates with the development of, at the minimum, a registered Limited Liability Company, that aims to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency in the general population by providing blockchain based services centered on the following:

Limiting Financial Risks

We will revolutionize medical insurance by developing a blockchain based single insurance policy, which is intended to simplify and streamline the process of getting access to health insurance. This is a crucial step towards improving individual health and reducing financial risks associated with healthcare.

Traditional medical insurance policies are expensive and limiting - as coverage is limited by how long you can continue paying, and how medically fit you are as an individual. Being old, or having comorbid illnesses, or having limited financial resources, limits an individual's ability to gain access to medical insurance. Refer to the Medical Insurance Section for more details on the CryptoHealth Medical Insurance Policy.

Uplifting Community Health

Furthermore, we are committed to uplifting community health through the development of relevant healthcare related utilities, tools and products. This includes eventually providing access to free and quality health care thru telemedicine and other medical services as a subscription service based on token HODLing, and other innovative healthcare solutions such as specialized NFTs, medical payment schemes, support for medical students and researchers, group insurance policies, and other methods that we know can improve health outcomes for individuals and communities. Refer to the Expanded Utilities Section for more details on what we hope to achieve in the near future, thru blockchain technology.

Fostering Charity

Lastly, the company will foster charity by creating opportunities for individuals to donate cryptocurrency to various charitable causes. One of the main utilities of CryptoHealth, as can be seen thru our custom-built smart contract, is to become a currency being transferred to community-vetted health facilities, who are able to sell the token at a limited-capacilty, tax free. Even though the said utility has been placed on hold at the moment as we prioritize building our current liquidity, supporting health facilities thru cryptocurrency donations will always be a part of our development roadmap. Refer to the Donation Section for more details on the CryptoHealth Donation Scheme.

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