Safety Features and Audit

The CryptoHealth team takes pride in providing investors with a custom-built smart contract that is secure, reliable, and designed to maximize investor confidence. The smart contract includes several features, including (1) anti-whale features to limit maximum wallet sizes and transaction amounts, (2) ceiling limits for sell tax changes of at most 10%, and (3) multi-signature contract ownership to protect from fraudulent transactions.

Refer to the following lines of code:

[line 488 to 489]

uint256 public _maxTxAmount = 10 * 10**6 * 10**9;
uint256 private _maxWalletHold = 50 * 10**6 * 10**9;

[line 1113 to 1125]

    if (!_isLimitExempt[to] && !_isEmploymentWallet[to] && !_isDonationRecipient[to] && from != owner())
        uint256 heldTokens = balanceOf(to);
        require((heldTokens + amount) <= _maxWalletHold, 
            "CHT: Regular wallets can only hold up to 5% of the total supply."

    if (from != owner() && to != owner()) {
            amount <= _maxTxAmount,
            "CHT: Transfer amount is limited to 1% of the total supply."

[line 814 to 822]

function setSellFee(uint16 develop, uint16 treasury, uint16 tax) external onlyOwner {
    require(develop + treasury + tax <= 10, "Fees are capped at 10%"); 

    sellFee.developmentFee = develop;
    sellFee.treasuryFee = treasury;
    sellFee.taxFee = tax;

    emit updatedSellTaxes (develop, treasury, tax);

Project Treasury Wallet is also managed through a multisignature contract, ensuring safety of the Reimbursement Pool. Furthermore, the CryptoHealth team recognizes the importance of security and safety for its investors, which is why the smart contract has been subjected to a thorough audit conducted by CoinMooner.

The CryptoHealth smart contract, our burned LP tokens, and our doxxed Project Founder, is a testament to our long-term commitment to providing a project that is safe, secure, and designed to provide a strong utility that supports adoption of blockchain by the general population.

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